Legendary actor Rob Lowe joins to talk about the ups and downs of growing up as a young Hollywood heartthrob. In this episode Brant explores the phenomenon of being ‘teen famous’, as kids today grow up with social media fame (or infamy) just a few clicks away.

Hear from Brant’s 11 year old son, who is growing up in a world where fame is the benchmark of success. Imagine growing up where your level of success in life is tied to your level of fame on the he internet.

In a fascinating discussion, Brant and co-host Trisha Hershberger explore the impact and repercussions for youth culture living in this fame obsessed society.


Rob Lowe: Award winning actor, director, and author

Braden Pinvidic: 11 year old aspiring famous YouTuber

Running Time: 1:06:12


2:06 – Growing up famous would suck

10:10 – Guest: Braden Pinvidic

23:30 – Guest: Rob Lowe

1:01:20 – Why I’m Not… What did we learn?

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“Why I’m Not…” hosted by documentary filmmaker and veteran television producer Brant Pinvidic is a light-hearted podcast in which Brant explores topics that he doesn’t fully understand by interviewing the people who do.

In each episode, Brant explores one of the latest topics, fads, trends or addictions from all sides, and tries to remind you… before you judge it, try to understand it.