Weight loss is a billion-dollar industry with the same dirty politics and false promises as any billion-dollar industry. As a producer of weight loss TV for more than a decade, Brant shares the ins and outs alongside his guests; the most prolific producer of weight loss TV and best-selling author JD Roth and weight loss guru and mentalist from “I Can Make You Thin” Paul McKenna.

If you think the world is against you losing weight… you’d be right. Eat less and move more is the simple formula but everything about your physiology and genetic programming is working against you. Then pile on the food, diet, fitness and pharmaceutical industries’ vested interest in keeping you overweight, and you’ve got the recipe for a national obesity epidemic. On this episode, Brant dives past the gimmicks and quick fixes to explore the mental and emotional restraints that keep people from losing the weight and keeping it off.

JD Roth: TV Producer, Author “The Big Fat Truth”
Paul McKenna: Mentalist, Author “I Can Make You Thin”

Running Time: 1:13:18

1:06 – The world doesn’t want you losing weight
5:55 – Story Time: Seeing the true nature of weight loss
15:40 – Guest JD Roth
41:55 – Guest Paul McKenna
31:22 – Guest Jack Burkman
1:09:22 – Why I’m Not… What did we learn?