Have you ever wondered if sex addiction is actually a real thing? Brant explores the definitive differences between sex addicts and sex offenders. With the #metoo movement exposing horrible behavior at every turn, what’s compulsion and what’s just bad decisions and bad behavior?

In a riveting and raw interview, Halle Berry’s ex-husband Eric Benet speaks for the first time about the events that led up to checking himself into a sexual addiction rehab facility. Brant also speaks with Dr. Chris Samuels, the founder of the Sexual Addiction Treatment and Training Institute.


Eric Benet: Grammy award nominated R&B singer

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Dr. Chris Samuels: Founder and Executive Director, Sexual Addiction Treatment and Training Institute


Running Time: 1:10:40



1:06 – Why are there so many sex issues in our society?

8:45 – Guest Chris Samuels

26:20 – Guest Eric Benet

1:01:20 – Why I’m Not… What did we learn?


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Dr. Chris Samuels treats patients at The Sexual Addiction Treatment and Training Institute (SATTI). http://www.thesattigroup.com/

The center that treated Eric and many others is The Meadows.  https://www.themeadows.com/.



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