Ever wonder if the parents of today are raising kids that can hack it in the world of tomorrow? As a father of 3 Brant questions his ultra soft parenting style and compares it to the intense helicopter and sports parenting that exists today.

Brant talks candidly with Ivywise consultant and former Yale admissions counselor Christie Chu, “Beyond the Tiger Mom” author Maya Thiagarajan, and former NFL prodigy and legend Todd Marinovich.

Todd Marinovich: Former NFL and college football player
Christine Chu: Ivywise consultant and former admissions counselor
Maya Thiagarajan: author, Beyond the Tiger Mom

Running Time: 1:06:00

1:06 – Being a great Dad is not the same as being a great parent
7:30 – Story Time: My 9-year-old prodigy
12:32 – Guest Christine Chu
26:20 – Guest Maya Thiagarajen
42:25 – Guest Todd Marinovich
1:02:00 – Why I’m Not… What did we learn?