Who said it was OK to talk politics everywhere with everyone? Brant explores the business of politics with guests including conservative heavyweight commentator Ben Shapiro, liberal icon and former Presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich, and D.C.’s #1 lobbyist Jack Burkman.

Is everyone an expert in politics now? If you look at your social media feed people sure act like they are. The intense political fighting from both sides is fueling a huge divide in the country. But who’s really benefiting? In this episode, Brant explores politics from the right, the left, and the money behind the system.

Ben Shapiro: Conservative Podcast host, Editor-in-Cheif of the Daily Wire
Dennis Kucinich: 8 terms Democratic Senator, former Presidential Candidate
Jack Burkman: Professional Lobbyist, CEO of Burkman and Associates

Running Time: 1:07:00

1:06 – The right, the left, and the wrong phenomenon
7:56 – Story Time: Coming to America
13:02 – Guest Ben Shapiro
31:30 – Guest Dennis Kucinich
43:30 – Guest Jack Burkman
1:03:00 – Why I’m Not… What did we learn?