Author: Brant Pinvidic

Why I’m Not Inspiring with Ben Nemtin

Brant and Ben Nemtin discuss the life of a professional speaker tasked with the job of inspiring all that come before him. It feels like our culture is looking for guidance and inspiration more than ever and it’s a fascinating look into the world from someone living it first hand.soundcloud

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Why I’m Not Model Famous with Amanda Cerny

Amanda Cerny has catapulted herself into mainstream model fame by sheer will and grassroots popularity. Easily one of the most popular figures (figuratively and literally) in the world today, this wildly talented and unconventional social media star has broken all the rules. In this episode Brant talks about her incredible journey from the Playmate Centerfold nobody had heard of, to the superstar everyone is talking about.

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Why I’m Not Influencer with King Bach

In this episode Brant gets up close and personal with one of the web’s most influential stars, King Bach. The intimate and revealing conversation gives listeners an inside perspective of the social media content world and what it’s really like being one of the top influencers on the planet.

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Why I’m Not What You See On TV with Nolan Gould

Nolan Gould, who plays the iconic dimwit Luke Dunphy on the mega-hit series Modern Family joins the podcast to talk about being nothing like what people see on TV. In this episode Brant gets up close and personal with one of the industry’s most interesting and surprising young actors, Nolan Gould. A member of MENSA, he graduated high school and college before his 15th birthday and has grown up on TV playing the goofy character Luke Dunphy on one of the most popular sitcoms in history. With the show ending after 10 seasons, the 19 year old actor faces the next phase of his career after playing one major signature roll. A perfect example of how you should never believe everything you see on TV, everything about Nolan you think you know comes from writers and producers on a screen. Behind all that is a remarkable young man. It’s a raw and unfiltered interview that is an absolute can’t miss.

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Why I’m Not Hollywood A-List with McG

Director McG joins the podcast to talk all things working in the inner Hollywood circles. In this episode Brant gets up close and personal with one of the industry’s most prolific and talented directors, McG. Known for mega-hits like Charlie’s Angels and The OC, McG shares personal and professional insight to the world of Hollywood A-list directing in a raw and unfiltered interview. Can’t miss moments include McG turning the mic back on Brant, describing him as “a strange blend of arrogance and insecurity” and points out “Nobody buys your fake humility”

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